xe/hir • lead organizer, creative mastermind, festival host, stream operator, artist, website wizard

bentl is the scuzz beneath the ocean, the fire that burns the sun. an ulitmate animator/animation enthusiast of all times, completely objective. hir other favorite things include loud music, leaves, floortiles, aardvarks, eating boogers, broccoli, eefing, the word "yammering", and bugs crawling on hir fingers (poisonous).


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xe/hir/she/they • organizer, community manager, festival host, artist

jack forest, a rabbit of sorts, is a quiet yet powerful conjurer of various arts and crafts and miniature set building mastery. hir universal lovability is hir strongest ally in pulling together some of the coolest and most talented artists and animators on the net for any beafy occasion. xe also makes toons that focus on very sweet, sentimental, melancholic sets and themes.

JackForest on YouTube

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he/him • festival host, interview planner, artist

shape (famed Calarts alum) makes really fucking spicy avocado wraps for breakfast that ruin my entire week. like they make my face hurt like what the fuck. his skill lies in his expansive philosophies and knowledge on animation and the world of internet art, and his explosive personality perfect for hosting any event. he also makes aggressive, expressive, hilarious artwork (a perfect reflection).

shape on YouTube

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she/fae • substitute festival host

rhea is a tiny fish dog & muncher of worlds destroyer of many and fae luv drawing and pickles and looking deep into the eyes of kind mammals and fishies,. locals found her napping at the bottom of a well and she insists she is from the moon.

jpegcrust on Twitter

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xe/hir/she/her • assistant website wizard, loremaster

dime (dimethylhydra (nimbostratus hydrargyrus)(#205 data/moth type)) is a girl that makes things on the internet occasionally. when xe's not busy hiding things all over the place, xe likes The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings. Please try the following and Return to reality by selecting the menu's ”Get up” option.